Postal strike (grrr)

I'm sitting on the floor in the hallway of my friends' house. This is because their internet is finally up and running. BT are delivering our broadband equipment via the Royal Mail, who the observant (and resident in the UK) among you will have noticed are having a prolonged and very annoying postal strike. Hence we have no internet despite having asked for and paid for it about 3 weeks ago.

They'll probably be charging us line rental all the same.


We still don't have internet at home, but I'm in a hotel in Glasgow at the moment that does.

If it wasn't 5 to 5 in the morning I might be able to think of something more interesting to say.



Right, Microsoft. You'd think with them being the world's biggest computer software company and everything, they'd let you use their stuff if it was free or if you'd paid for it. Makes sense, you might say. So why the smeg is Messenger telling me I have to upgrade my version to sign in, when I'm only using the old version cos the new one won't work with Windows Vista?


Those pesky human rights

From an article on Indonesia's purchase of military hardware from Russia:

Juwono Sudarsono, Indonesia's defence minister, says that deals with Russia have fewer strings attached. "Requirements from Western countries are more complicated, with conditions such as human rights, accountability, not to mention licencing."


It would appear that game designers have a sense of humour

From the readme file for IL-2 Sturmovik 1946:

Wing Fold: This key will toggle your carrier-borne aircraft’s wings between the up and down position. Not all aircraft are so equipped. None of the land-based aircraft have this feature, and many carrier-borne planes, such as the SBD Dauntless or the F4F-3 were also not historically equipped with folding wings.
We do not recommend using this feature while airborne.
That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it once. Or twice.